Having spent three years of my life in Russia, my love for Borscht (traditional Russian beetroot soup) couldn’t get less. Although I had the recipe with me (thanks to my Russian friends) I was never able to make good Borscht here in Karachi.

The friend I hate the most happened to be an angel when one day he gave me the news of a cafe in Karachi which is serving Borscht. That was it, turning a blind eye to everything else in this world, the same day I stopped by this new Cafe named Grotto, located in Bukhari commercial, after my work day.

Yes you guessed right what I ordered right away. The rich Russian culture was spinning my head round and it didn’t take long (thanks to the five star service) that I was able to dive back in the memories. Trust me, please, this Borscht was amazing! I wouldn’t say that it was the best I had as off course Russians did it better but this was quite much near to to it and boy I was satisfied with that!

I didn’t stop there and I decided to have proper dinner before I had back home. I choose Chicken Cigars, Penne Arrabbiata and Italian bread and butter pudding (don’t judge me for the amount of calories I took) anyways, getting back to the food the cigars were a foodie’s dream come true and the desert just melted in my mouth just the way I like. As for the pasta all it needed was a sour cream topping (I like it that way) which the staff was kind enough to do it upon a request

P.S. I have been there 6 times already for Borscht and the staff love me as much as I love this soup and it is almost near to perfection now. Just waiting for my Russian friends to visit Karachi and rate this Pakistani Borscht.


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