‘Children shouldn’t be serving you’ Shaniera takes a dig at child domestic labour


Shaniera Akram took a dig at child domestic labour in Pakistan, raising awareness on this sickening issue in the country.

Taking to her Instagram story, Shaniera said children should be sent to schools instead of doing house chores.

“I don’t give a rats what your excuse is, children should not be serving you! If you really care for the child, send them to school not work!” she wrote.

“And don’t give me the pathetic excuse that the child is earning for his/her family or if he/she wasn’t working for you they would be on the street! Absolute rubbish! You are the enabler, YOU are the one breaking the law, You are the embarrassment of a human that’s so incredibly lazy and cheap you need a child to serve you!” she added.

It must be noted here that Shaniera often remains active on social media and talks about social and societal issues happening in Pakistan.

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