Famous song ‘Chai Chahiye’ is back


Word on the street is that Lipton Pakistan is bringing back their iconic anthem ‘Chai Chahiye’. Not only this, but we have heard that they’ve also roped in our all-time favorite celebrities, Bilal Maqsood, Javed Sheikh, Junaid Khan and Madiha Imam for their upcoming song.

Sung by Alycia Dias from what we know, the song is a new take on the much-loved jingle. It certainly brings back many old memories and we hope that the song is as good and catchy as it used to be.

Tea has to be the most quintessential Pakistani drink there is. Our people definitely love their chai, whether it’s in the morning before work or when they’re out with friends, tea is a must.

‘Chai Chahiye’ is a phrase that every other Pakistani can resonate with and the famous jingle perfectly depicts the way our people love tea.


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