‘Felt loss of autonomy’ Jemima shares reason of separation with Imran


Ex-wife of current Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, Jemima Goldsmith shared the reasons behind his separation with the cricketer-turned-politician.

Speaking to international media, Jemima said she married the then Pakistani cricket star with moral certainty being the driving factor.

“At that point in my life I found some reassurance in the prescriptiveness of that culture, that religion, that man. When my sister [India Jane Birley] was asked in an interview why I went there she said, very intelligently, ‘moral certitude.’ It was seen as this great amorous adventure and I am not sure that was the whole story. I would say, in retrospect, that moral certainty might have been more of a driving factor,” she said.

“But after ten years, what had felt reassuring — deferring to other people and not having to come up with solutions myself — began to feel like a loss of autonomy. As you get older you realise that you have the capacity to find some of the answers in yourself,” she added.

It must be noted here that Jemima and Imran tied the knot in 1995. They had two sons, Sulaiman and Qasim. The couple got separated in 1004.


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