Rarely do we see Pakistani actors and filmmakers making it big overseas, but Faran Tahir proves to be a brilliant exception. With some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters like Star Trek, Iron Man, and Escape Plan in his wide-ranging repertoire, Tahir is back in Pakistan after an extensive hiatus of nine years. And this time, he is dipping his toes in theatre with none other than his brother, Ali Tahir.

The play, titled Bhai Bhai, is an impressive Urdu rendition of Sam Shepard’s True West, and will also feature Ali Tahir, Hina Dilpazeer, and Aamir Qureshi in pivotal roles. And we’ve got the lowdown on how the experience was for the man himself, in his own words.  

Just like many of his fans and theatre enthusiasts, this experience was just as delightful for Tahir. “Performing in Pakistan is like home to me, and it does not make me feel any kind of affliction or weakness as there is love all around. Especially from the audience, the actors, the crew. I can’t think of a bigger honour than this,” he ardently stated.

And now that he has delved into a little bit of everything in his career, his take on Pakistan’s entry into the world of streaming sites like Netflix is surely something we’d like to know. When asked if he would like to take part in a Netflix production, he responded affirmatively. “Yes. I think we are on the verge of making that break. So, I am hoping if local productions gradually reach Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu, then the world will get to know what we have to offer as Pakistani artists,” he said.

Entertainment-wise, things have definitely changed in the country during his absence, but rest assured, he has been keeping up. “I have been watching Pakistani movies these days, and I am very happy about the fact that finally Pakistan has the courage to explore new issues and genres. With this, the country’s individual voice will gradually thrive. And for me, nothing else gives me a prouder feeling than seeing a revolution in theatre, film, and television,” he stated.

On a parting note, we’re sure everyone would love to know what to expect from Bhai Bhai, and why to watch it. “The audience should watch Bhai Bhai for many reasons. One being that how many times do you see two real blood brothers playing brothers onstage? And for me to be able to have my own brother and that trust that you have with your own family, I think it will finally translate into something really wonderful and unique,” he said.

Whether you’re a fan of theatre or not, Tahir believes this play has something for everybody. “I would love for people to come and give us the support and the love that we cherish so much, and we so crave from the people of Karachi,” he said. And on that note, be on the lookout for Bhai Bhai onstage in Karachi, from February 3 to February 10.


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