Apart from being a fantastic actor, Junaid Khan’s impressive vocal range is worthy of being lauded, ever since his days in Call The Band. While he’s giving us dramatic hits on TV, he hasn’t lost touch with the music biz. Interestingly, he has now collaborated with a band called SPUNK all the way across in India and has given us a powerful rock anthem, called Talash.

With the goal to promote peace and harmony between India and Pakistan, the track checks off all the right boxes in terms of all that makes a killer song. Metal rock is hardly a genre that local musicians touch, but Khan’s empowering vocals prove that has the capability of being versatile. Add in some soulful vocals by the band’s lead singer, Abhishek Chatterjee, and it makes an ideal amalgamation of highly talented musicians.

The track is also impressive in terms of visual representation, be it the energetic performance sequence, or the tranquil journey of a man against a striking landscape. It opens up with a thoughtful idea, going something like “They say peace is subjective; rather than running behind it, you need to seek it from within. Is that even peace then?” And it seamlessly wraps with up the notion that “peace is merely the destination; the journey is all about finding yourself.”

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The general impression and thought-proving lyrics all appeal to those struggling with a sense of concrete identity, while trying to maintain friendly relations between the two countries. With such a monumental step, Khan’s goal is to kick-start the #TalashForPeace movement, and strengthen the Indo-Pak bond through joint musical ventures.

Khan wholeheartedly believes this track will be the first step out of many to bring unity and peace across borders, and believes there should be more collaborations between artists from both countries, as art and music know no boundaries. With that said, check out the song, and let us know your thoughts!


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