PTV’s official YouTube channel shut down over copyright claim


Pakistan Television (PTV)’s official Youtube channel ‘PTV Home’ has been taken down over a copyright claim from the Dot Republic, a private company that handles digital content of different Tv channels and celebrities.

According to Independent Urdu, the Youtube channel, followed by over 4 lac people, has received a copyright claim on drama serials ‘Angan’ and ‘Janbaz’.

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Independent Urdu further reported that PTV’s Managing Director Amir Manzoor wasn’t aware in this regard whereas Controller IT Kashif Masood knew about their youtube channel being taken down but said ‘It is common and we have made an alternative channel’.

Masood further told the website that they are in contact with ‘Dot Republic’ and Google too to sort out this matter. “We have contacted the company which dropped copyright claim and as well as Google. We are confident to recover our youtube channel,” he was quoted saying.

It must be noted here that PTV authorities have just a few weeks’ time to resolve this matter and recover their youtube channel.

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