‘My future belongs to Allah, no coach or captain can ruin it’ Rizwan


Wicket-keeper batsman Mohammad Rizwan is not worried about his future as he thinks it belongs to Allah and no coach or captain can decide his fortune.

While talking to the media in Karachi, Rizwan said that everyone knows how many chances he got but he doesn’t have complaints from anyone. “If you talk about my performance so I just played two matches and only did wicket-keeping. Everyone knows my nature of playing, I start patiently and then play fast that’s why I usually prefer playing in top order,” he said.

“I think my future belongs to Allah and he knows better of me. I am sure he has better plans for me and no one can then put hurdles in my way, neither a coach nor a captain,” he added.

Upon being asked, Rizwan said that people have just created myths that he can’t hit big shots. “I think there is nothing like I can’t hit sixes. In last Pakistan A tour, I was the most six-hitter in the series with the sum of 19. So, it is just what people think, the fact is completely different and I can hit sixes and I am working hard on my power-hitting skills,” he concluded.


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