‘Highlight local athletes’ Chitral’s footballer Karishma emphasises


Hailed from Chitral, footballer Karishma Ali appealed to celebrities to highlight local athletes in her speech after receiving the Hum Style Award.

Karishma, who had represented Pakistan in football at the national and international level, was named ‘Most Stylish Sports Personality 2020’.

While speaking on the occasion, Karishma said she wants celebrities to extend support to local athletes to bring them to the limelight.

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“Making the most of this opportunity while speaking in front of renowned people, I would like to ask for a favor from them. Please, do highlight local athletes as your voice is hearable among the masses. Take out some time to give a shoutout to local athletes for their achievements,” she urged.

Meanwhile, Karishma thanked Hum Style Awards management for recognizing her and helping her to become a face of Chitral.

“I came from a background where girls aren’t into sports much. It was a challenge for me but I remained positive and here I am. There are a lot of girls back in Chitral like me, who want to do something different and I hope to help them fulfill their dreams,” she concluded.


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