In the world of showbiz, where celebrities often face as much criticism as they do praise, Mehwish Hayat has consistently responded with resilience and determination. Recently, she engaged in a candid conversation with Suhail Warraich for Geo News, discussing her views on marriage and its intersection with her career goals.

Hayat’s behavior during the interview reflected her characteristic blend of grace and wit. She tackled questions about love and relationships with honesty, dispelling the notion that physical appearance is the primary factor in romantic compatibility. “Good looks don’t matter,” she asserted, “personality matters.” She emphasized the importance of kindness, culture, and humor in a potential partner, underscoring the significance of deeper connections.

In a society where superficial standards often prevail, Hayat boldly stated, “Skin color and looks do not matter. Your heart and soul should be beautiful.” Her words highlighted her belief in the value of inner qualities over external appearances.

Despite her lighthearted approach, Hayat approached the topic of marriage with sincerity and gravity. She acknowledged it as a substantial responsibility and stressed the need to strike a balance between personal and professional aspirations. “If I find someone who adds value to my life and supports my career and dreams,” she explained, “then I can consider it.”

Hayat’s perspective on marriage is characterized by caution and practicality. She recognizes the complexities of finding a compatible partner, especially within the demanding entertainment industry. While marriage remains a possibility, she understands the importance of timing, particularly as she focuses on her career path.

When asked about her ideal partner, Hayat highlighted the importance of financial stability but placed greater emphasis on emotional and mental support. She values independence but seeks a companion who can complement her strengths and offer unwavering encouragement.

Watch the interview below:


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