During the ongoing eighth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) at the National Bank Cricket Arena in Karachi, Haider Ali’s superb form shone through as he scored a magnificent half-century of 59 runs off 45 balls against the two-time champions Islamabad United, during Karachi Kings’ latest match. But despite his performance, Karachi Kings suffered another defeat in the season.

In a post-match press conference, Haider Ali acknowledged that building a strong partnership and delivering a great performance is crucial in any game, and commended Islamabad for their exceptional play, resulting in their win.

“This is a part of the game. Whichever team puts up a good performance, goes right to the end and builds a good partnership. Islamabad has played really well. They have won. And as far as the game ending before two overs is concerned, it’s all a part of the game. They put up a good performance. Great batting. Azam started off the game really well. That’s it. It was a good performance on their part,” he said.

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When asked what or who he holds responsible for their defeat, Haider was quick to state that nobody should be blamed for the negative outcomes. “This is not blame cricket. Cricket provides unity among the playing eleven, coach, captain etc. That makes them the best playing eleven. And all the players put in a 100% effort. Nobody wants otherwise. All of them give their 100%. It’s all a game of luck,” he said.

Haider was also asked whether the fact that he missed some catches was the reason why they lost. “Look. There is midfielding. I’ll say this once again. Players do put in effort. No one wants to drop a catch in front of a whole crowd. We obviously feel insulted. But it’s all about runs. There were less runs,” he responded.

“Look, when a player is on the ground, he can better understand how the pitch is behaving. How many runs one needs. I don’t think you can estimate anything when you’re not on the ground,” he added.


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