‘Love doing comic roles but labelling me comedian is unfair’ Danish


Danish Nawaz is considered one of the leading comic actors in the country but the actor himself doesn’t like the tag of ‘Comedian’.

In an exclusive interview with behtareen.pk, Nawaz said he loves doing comic roles but a ‘Comedian’ tag on him is not fair.

“I am an actor and always wanted to do different roles. For me, an actor needs to be versatile, who can do every role,” he stressed.

“In my case, I have been labeled as just a comedian, though I did mostly comic characters and got praised for it, still, I don’t want to be restricted. I want to change this perception and I will be able to do this someday,” Nawaz shared.

Acting vs Direction

The actor-turned-director Nawaz feels direction a tough job as compare to acting because the whole project team depends on a director. “Director is basically a captain of the team, without him nothing can be put in place. I loved being myself and explore different modes in this industry, and direction is one of those. It’s tough but I am enjoying this phase of my career,” he said.

To a query about leaving acting, Nawaz said ‘No’, adding, “I haven’t left acting yet. I am currently working on few projects as an actor and that include dramas, a film and telefilm but yes I can say my upcoming projects will be mostly as a director,” he revealed.

Chupke Chupke Sequel

Ramadan special sitcom Chupke Chupke was Nawaz’s maiden complete project as a director and it gathered immense attention at every nook and corner of the country.

While talking about Chupke Chupke’s success, Nawaz said it was exceptional for him and the entire team to see massive feedback. “I really enjoyed the public’s reaction to Chupke Chupke. The way they supported each and every character was so overwhelming for us,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nawaz also responded to a query related to the sequel of Chupke Chupke following its massive fan following. “See, it will depend on whether the story allows us to go for a sequel or not. Because people keep very high expectations from a sequel, even they can’t compromise a little if you fail to meet their expectations. But, we will sit with the writer and other members to discuss the possibilities for a sequel,” he concluded.


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