You must be seeing a lot of Mahira Khan lately, as the actress is busy promoting her new film with Fahad Mustafa, titled Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad. Amidst these promotions, the actress has been giving several interviews, one of which brought up the topic of her ex-husband and her relationship with him.

Khan, who is currently divorced, has frequently shared how healthy a relationship she shares with her former husband. The two are still co-parenting their 11-year-old son, Azlan. In an interview with a local channel, the actress shared how her loved ones, including her former husband, are all proud of her.

“I’m divorced but till now, apart from my immediate family – such as my parents and my brother – there’s no one else who is more proud of me than my ex-husband,” she said.

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She further shared how he has seen Khan struggling for the success she has now achieved, and continues to rake. “My ex-husband knows my struggles, he knows how much I wanted it. I think when people see how much you work hard for it, and he has seen me work my hardest to get where I am, he respects it. He’s seen all of it,” she added.

Check out a clip for the interview below.


To see Mahira Khan in action, don’t forget to watch her latest film, now up in cinemas. And keep watching this space for more updates on her upcoming projects.


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