Ehsaas Ramzan has been going on air daily on Geo Entertainment during the holy month of Ramzan and each transmission is filled with different segments that take us on a journey of wellbeing and thoughtful living through various aspects of life and religion. The transmission is based on the sole purpose of having ‘Ehsaas’ – a feeling of respect, sympathy and sensitivity towards others. The show features conversations with the families of the needy, making dreams possible for those who are under privileged, learning about our religion and much more.

Since the first transmission aired, it quickly became the most liked Ramzan show especially because of the different segments inculcated in the show that all age groups can enjoy. Whether you are an adult or a child, Ehsaas Ramzan has something for you to learn and get inspired from.

One such segment that stands out is “Makafaat”

The name definitely gives away what the segment is about, but instead of just talking about doing good, the segment airs short telefilms with interesting stories about karma. This creative approach of narrative plays to communicate a valuable lesson makes a stronger impact in our hearts as we enjoy the short film and learn from it.

One such story that personally moved me was “Bhook”. It was about two neighbors from opposing financial backgrounds. It depicted how the rich family is so busy with their happy, financially rich lives that they fail to see the woes of their neighbors, who have no money and their young children have been starving for two days. The ending quite effectively teaches how important it is to take care of our neighbors, which is also a crucial part of our religion.

Another standout story was “Inaam” about a hardworking man who works hard for his family and is always thankful to Allah, yet he has to face a lot of hardships from his employer who leaves him financially stranded with his sick child. In the end though, the hardworking man receives money from unexpected sources, while his employer faces bad karma.

And then there was “Takabbur,” a very heart touching story teaching us how pride can destroy you within a single night and bring you on the streets. It also is a lesson to take care of widows and orphans without making them feel any less for their misfortune.

I could simply go on because seriously, each story is so amazing and teaches us big life lessons.

Makafaat is all about what you sow is what you reap, and it’s a simple lesson with a huge amount of wisdom behind it, so do good to others and Allah will reward you with the best. Geo Entertainment has undoybtedly done a tremendous job this Ramzan by airing Ehsaas Ramzan.

By – Aysha Ahmed


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