In a recent appearance on Nida Yasir’s morning show, Hira Mani clarified her earlier viral stance from Samina Peerzada’s show where she had supposedly mentioned that she had met her husband Mani when he was her friend’s fiancé. Her story reached the audience far and wide and the actress was criticized for ruining another relationship for her personal gains.

Now, years later, when Nida Yasir ended up revisiting the topic, Hira Mani ended up explaining how she had never said that Mani was her friend’s fiancé. “If you watch the show then you’ll learn that I never said fiancé. I said he was a friend of my friend. There was no engagement whatsoever and when they asked me, I shared it. I think it’s okay,” she said.

She also went on to reiterate how she did not feel like she did anything wrong in approaching Mani, and her husband who was also part of the show, fully agreed. “Everyone has their individual life journey. No one can be like someone else. Everyone has their own individual spark. Everybody has their individual ups and downs. Every couple has their ups and downs. Sometimes you don’t get married to the person you want to,” she added.

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She continued to talk about her life now and how everything she has manifested has come true for her, and credited her honestly and truthfulness for it. “Alhamdulillah, I have a fairy tale life. Be it my married life or my kids, my life is one that I manifested. I think there’s my truthfulness that comes from within. That’s why I think that I have really good life,” she said.

Watch the conversation below.


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