Needless to say, this week was nothing short of a roller coaster ride for Pakistan. From facing war threats from across the border, to making ‘chai’ memes and seeing the country’s officials striving for peace, Pakistanis witnessed it all. And with the PM’s decision to send the Indian Wing Commander, Abhinandan Varthaman, back to his homeland, there has been all kinds of responses globally.

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Interestingly, the Indo-Pak tension was documented on Twitter at every twist and turn. Twitterati from both sides of the border expressed their appreciation for PM Imran Khan, and lauded his efforts on maintaining peace throughout the fiasco. This included local prominent figures terming Khan’s gesture of goodwill as real statesmanship.

And even some high-tier journalists and pivotal personalities from across the border couldn’t help but praise Khan in their tweets.

In fact, the appreciation soon garnered a monumental status, and #ThankYouImranKhan started trending on Indian twitter, full of gratitude posts for PM.

This also included a petition started by Pakistanis to hand over the Nobel Peace Prize to Khan, in an amusing turn of events. The petition garnered up to 25,000 signatures in half a day, while Pakistanis kept showing support for the virtuous idea.

And simultaneously, #GoBackModi gained momentum as Indians starting holding their PM, Narendra Modi, accountable for his pro-war attitude, solely for political gain.

Soon after the release of Abhinandan and as an aftereffect of the whole fiasco, Indian celebrities took to Twitter like wildfire to welcome their ‘hero’ and ‘brave heart’, and lauded him for the courage and bravery he displayed away from his homeland.

This also left the local general public somewhat confused as to why Abhinandan was being referred to as a hero.

Nevertheless, Khan still shines as the superstar that emerged out of these states of affairs, as evident by the sentiments of people all over the world.

While some still stayed bitter over Khan’s virtuosity.

As a final thought, a huge chunk of the public is illuminating how the real victims of these Indo-Pak tensions are Kashmiris, as the LOC keeps getting breached by officials across the border.

And it goes without saying that the situation will take turns as we speak, but fortunately, #SayNoToWar still prevails within the masses.


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