‘What you say, says more about you’ Noor’s daughter responds to Ali


Late Pakistani singer Noor Jehan’s daughter Mina Hasan took a dig at Ali Azmat after he shared degrading comments about her mother on a digital show.

Mina, who is one of Pakistan’s top clothes designers, took to Instagram following requests from her followers to react to Ali’s comments.

“What you say about me, says more about you. When someone expresses an opinion breaking boundaries of respect & decorum they show you that they lack common decency, grace & humility,” she wrote.

“Respecting someone indicates the quality of your personality. Freedom of expression is qualified for a good reason. It should not be permitted to be used as means of indignation for another / others,” she added.

Ali received immense backlash for passing degrading comments for the late singer.

“Our own society and culture weren’t really offering anything similar. You put on a show, you would see Noor Jehan draped in a saree, with heavy jewellery and over-the-top makeup. We would get irritated by mai (elderly woman). We would think why would they make us watch this kofta (meatball),” the Sayonee singer was quoted saying.

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