Aiman Khan recently made an appearance on a Ramzan-special talk show where the topic of conversation drifted to parents. The actress shared how gravely the sudden demise of her father three years ago affected her and her family, and what roles everyone played during and after the unfortunate incident.

“We had always thought that my father would come home, as he always had all the times he had been sick. We didn’t tell our mother because she is herself a diabetic and a blood pressure patient. So we just kept telling her that he is not that sick and will be fine. But then when we saw that things were getting out of hand and we thought that now it’s time,” she shared.

“She woke up in the middle of the night suddenly and said that you people are hiding something from me and I want to go and meet him and it was the same night when he died. It was maybe a sign from Allah. He was up at night. He saw my mom but he couldn’t speak. He held her hand and everything,” she added.

She also shared how bravely her brother, Maaz, dealt with the loss despite being merely nineteen years of age. “I have never seen a stronger person than my brother Maaz. He did not react to our father’s illness like he would stress out and cry about it. He was very level-headed and kept telling us to stay in our senses and that everything is going to be fine. He was only 19 at that time,” she said.

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She went on to share the aftermath of her father’s demise and how she and her mother coped with the loss. “I stayed with my mother for a really long time. And I feel like I still haven’t transitioned from that. My house is very close by my mother’s house so I feel that I should go and meet her twice or thrice in a week in the evenings. And I have a specific day in the week that I take her out with me. But I feel that at the end we go back home. We’re with our partners. The children are busy with their own lives. The person who is left alone is the mother,” she said.

“I have never dreamed of my father. I pray every night to see him at least once. But then it’s all up to God. But he has come in my mom’s dreams. He comes and talks to her. She was telling me a day before yesterday that she hasn’t dreamed of him for a little while now. Then she went to sleep and he came to her in her dream and said that we haven’t spoken in a while. So I feel that we at some point get busy with our own lives and move on. But the person who feels the void the most is mama,” she added.

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