Pakistan earlier announced the 15-member lineup for the ACC U19 Asia Cup in Sri Lanka, which will be led by wicketkeeper-batsman Rohail Nazir. Talking to the media in Karachi, Nazir weighed in on a few key points that will ensure a supreme performance.

According to Nazir, the team has been training ardently in camps in this year, while adapting to Sri Lanka’s conditions. Similarly, the team has also worked on their fielding, which the captain felt hasn’t been their strongest suit as yet.

“As we have played two series before, I think bowling and batting have remained our strong suits, even after adapting to the conditions. We lacked in the fielding department, and we tried to raise the standards in all the training camps this year,” he said. “We have worked on our fitness a lot, all of our players are fit,” he added.

Moving on, concerns around matches with India always arise whenever there’s an international tournament. Likewise, the same concerns have arisen regarding Pakistan’s match with India, especially when the ongoing Kashmir issue is still on a rise. But according to Nazir, all the players will treat it like any other match.

“We are cricketers, and that should be our prime focus. Whatever match we’re playing, we should focus on our performance and giving our best for our country. As far as Kashmir is concerned, it’s a government issue and we as players should be focusing on cricket alone,” he said. 

As affirmed by the captain, the Kashmir issue will be looked upon by the PCB and the government.


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