What should we call a guy with extraordinary achievements in almost every aspect of his life? We call him Junaid Khan, because he is the Jack of all trades.

Talk about dramas, concerts, advertisements or even modeling campaigns, this guy is everywhere! Being a singer, an actor, a husband, a father, and a huge influencer – we can’t help wondering how he manages to do it all!

Junaid Khan’s recent Instagram post has made thousands of jaws drop. Those fantastic gym pictures are a motivation on their own, but not only is he advocating a focus on fitness and physical health, he is also pointing out the necessity of focusing on your mental health and happiness. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this guy and his beautiful thoughts?!

Living in the moment, making every second count and thinking optimistically all the time is never easy, yet it’s not something that’s impossible. Having an ideal personality, a tough work schedule, a family to look after and millions of fans that look up to him – he has managed to keep himself in check and prioritize himself, and that’s pretty incredible.

As Junaid says, everything we do, lies in the journey of finding self-love. However, this is the one thing we end up ignoring. In our endeavors to reach our goals, we tend to neglect ourselves – our health and happiness.

Junaid Khan‘s Instagram Message got everybody’s attention, and to think how a person with so much to do manages to keep his life in balance is quite inspirational to see.

In an era where our entire lives have been turning into a never-ending race, it is a necessity to focus on our own physical and mental happiness. And what is better than your favorite celebrity encouraging you to put yourself first and find your happiness?

Junaid Khan – you’ve just won us over. <3

Author: Asbah Umais


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