More often than not, local celebrities suffer from foot-in-mouth disease and end up saying something incredibly offensive to the general lot. Mawra and Urwa Hocane recently made an appearance on Nida Yasir’s morning show and ended up saying something absurd regarding mental illness.

A certain clip from the episode has been making rounds on social media in which the sisters are clearly saying that depression and mental ‘diseases’ are caused by food. “There are so many problems these days, we hear someone say that they’ve got depression or mental disease, but its all because of food! There’s no other reason,” said Urwa, while Mawra kept nodding in agreement. “It’s what you put in your body,” Mawra added.

The video has caused a social media ruckus where people are calling the sisters out for spreading misinformed facts about mental health on national television.

Soon enough, people started making memes over the situation.

While some resorted to watching the whole interview, and still concluded the same.

Following all the backlash, Mawra posted a couple of google screenshots with the answers to ‘can food make you depressed?’

But evidently, nobody’s having it.

Maybe they could have worded their stance in a better way. Or refrained from talking about mental illness in a condescending way. Either way, the public outrage is still going strong!



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