‘Acting took me to household, music didn’t’ Hadiqa Kiani


Hadiqa Kiani feels a huge difference between the music industry and tv industry as she thinks dramas helped her talk to the common public.

In an interview with Something Haute, Hadiqa shared her experience of switching from music to drama.

“There is a huge difference between music and acting. If you want something in music, you have a set of musicians and you get it. But in the acting industry, you have to let go of your ‘self’,” she shared.

“Acting is a collective effort; there are producers, directors, co-actors and a lot of patience and time is needed. You have to be strict about timings, attitude, behavior,” she maintained.

Hadiqa further said that she has got a chance to enter households through her dramas. “Earlier, I was like this chandelier that people used to praise from a distance. But now, I’ve entered in their houses. I’m on their mobile phones, on their TV screens and I’m having a conversation with them,” she concluded.

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