Mehreen Jabbar’s romantic drama movie Dobara Phir Se was premiered in Karachi on yesterday. It was a star-studded night where not only film’s cast and crew walked on red carpet but other notable celebrities including the legendary Rahat Kazmi, Mahira Khan, Shehreyar Munawar, Asim Raza, Yasir Hussain, Sanam Baloch, Wajahat Rauf, Junaid Khan and others were also spotted.

If you are planning to go to cinema this weekend, read these five reason that why you should pick Dobara Phir Se;

1- Strong Cast:

Dobara Phir Se has one of the strongest casts among all films released this year. More interestingly, all of them have done justice to their roles. Adeel Hussain and Hareem Farooq, who played main leads, have done exceptionally well.

2- Finest Direction:

Who can doubt when Mehreen Jabbar is doing the direction? Certainly, nobody. Once again, she has proved that why she is one of the finest directors in Pakistan. We had seen her work in Ramchand Pakistani a few years ago and now, she has surely maintained her name well, if not out done.

3- Music:

While this year was not much successful in giving much blockbusters, music was still a strong element in most movies. Dobara Phir Se not only successfully maintained the tempo but also provided variety. Arooj Aftab was a surprise element.

4- Different Story:

A few argued about the weak script but Dobara Phir Se still had a different story to present. It highlighted relationships problems of our elites living abroad. It did not typically target girl living in rural areas and waiting for her prince.

5- Highlights Women Empowerment:

For the most part, Dobara Phir Se highlighted women empowerment and how a single mother can actually handle her problems and take care of her child. Hareem Farooq as Zainab did justice to her role and so did her son Zaidu.

Do watch in cinemas!


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