Pakistani actresses Maya Ali and Sadia Khan have just flown to India to discuss details about the same movie which have been offered by producer in Bollywood.

“They called my manager around three months ago and asked for my availability,” reveals Maya. “Before anything, I mentioned my restrictions and when they were okay with it, my visa process began,” the Mann Mayal girl Maya Ali revealed to

Maya Ali in India
Maya Ali posted this on Instagram from her hotel in Mumbai, India.

Sadia Khan, who came in limelight after her powerful role against Imran Abbas in Khuda Aur Muhabbat, is accompanying Maya and reports suggest that they have been approached by same producer for same project. She is also shooting Khuda Aur Mohabbat sequel with Imran Abbas at home.


“I met their producer, male lead and director. I told them directly that I am not dying to come to Bollywood or anything because I have a lot of work in my own country,” added Maya.

Keep checking this space for more details about Maya Ali and Saida Khan venture in Bollywood.


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