‘Non-disclosure agreement in place for Benazir biopic’ Mehwish Hayat


Mehwish Hayat, who last year confirmed playing Benazir Bhutto in a biopic, said that there is a Non-disclosure agreement in place for this project.

Speaking to Desiblitz, Hayat said that she is legally bound to talk about this biopic, however, she would love to be a part of a film based on Benazir’s life, two-time Prime Minister of Pakistan.

“As an actress, I am really drawn to the character of Benazir.  To me, she is a real-life, Shakesperean heroine. From her carefree days in Oxford to her untimely assassination there are so many shades to her personality. It will be an honor to play her,” Actor-in-Law actress said.

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She further explained how difficult it is to meet expectations when playing a real-life character. “I think that the challenges are the same as playing any real-life personality. The expectations are always high and you have to make sure that you get every single nuance right,” she said.

“It is important to understand that there is a fine line between just mimicking somebody and getting the essence of the character,” Hayat reiterated.

It must be noted here that Hayat, last year in an interview with BBC Urdu, had confirmed that Benazir Bhutto’s biopic is in making. “Being written right now, it’ll take some time, but I cannot wait to play [Benazir Bhutto]. I’ve been reading up about her and the more I read, the more I get inspired. The world needs to see her story,” she was quoted saying.

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