In the world of Meesum Naqvi’s directorial Mayiri, a profound yet often overlooked issue takes center stage. The teaser for the new drama serial just dropped and has creatively reintroduced us to the harrowing reality of child marriages.

The teaser clip introduces us to a young girl in a school uniform, playfully engrossed in a game of hopscotch. Her curiosity leads her to a library, where she becomes captivated by the abundance of books. As the story unfolds, we witness her transition from innocent play to a stark reality, where she finds herself grappling with adult responsibilities, like cooking a whole meal in the kitchen, an environment far too daunting for someone her tender age.

The teaser’s impact is further amplified by dramatic scenes, such as the distressing cries of a baby held by a young boy. As the girl follows the cries and reaches the source, the confusion and turmoil shown on her face serve as a deep reflection of the overwhelming challenges she faces. The brief clip courageously sheds light on the physical, mental, and emotional struggles faced by children forced to grow up prematurely, navigating a world they were ill-prepared for.

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Apart from the direction, the performance of the young actress speaks volumes on portraying the role of a child bride. The release date of the upcoming drama serial is still under wraps, but this teaser is bound to grab a large chunk of audiences its way.

Watch the clip below.


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