With web-series taking over the world (and our hearts), Pakistani audience is undoubtedly itching to see some original local content in the field. And apparently, a lot of young filmmakers understand the dire need of evolvement and have taken it upon themselves to provide some fresh content for the millennials.

With that said, Sami Rehman’s first web-series is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Titled BFFs, the series looks all kinds of fun and engaging with all the required elements to entice someone to watch their content. As apparent by the teaser, the plot revolves around two best friends, played by Rehman and Rida Zehra, who do a convincing job at displaying the essence of today’s friendships – vexing but lovable.

In fact, the duo’s performance looks convincing enough to seem like they’re actual BFFs, which makes it even more impressive. The expressions and dialogue delivery seem to come naturally to the cast, and will sort of remind you of your own relationship with your friends. Plus, with relatable comedy as such, you can bid farewell to boredom for a while.

It’s also worth mentioning that the tone of the teaser does not seem like the team is trying too hard, which is the case with more than half of the web-series trying to come up with ‘fresh’ content. The entire vibe is pretty feel-good, and gives you something to look forward to watching when you need a break from all the grave stuff everywhere else.

This is Sami Rehman’s first web series outside of Bekaar films. The Youtube channel, named Imagine Nation Pictures, is a new venture by Sami Rehman, Rida Zahra, Ghania Asad and Sidra Jamil. With BFFs, the hopes are high that it paves the way for more web series in Pakistan with fun and experimental concepts, and we for one can’t wait to binge watch the entire series in one go!


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