PH Solutions, run by Pheby Haroon and Rasikh Ismail,  and SEED Ventures, run by Shaista Ayesha and Faraz Khan, are excited to announce Impact Dashboard (ID), a company specializing in impact-driven storytelling for advocacy projects and initiatives across public, private, and government sectors. Impact Dashboard is revolutionizing the media and advocacy landscape with its unique focus on impact-driven narratives.

“Two years in the making, Impact Dashboard has created a company identity with the qualities of purpose, intention, and motivation. We have engaged the relevant stakeholders to ensure that our company represents diverse perspectives and is equipped to create impactful and meaningful narratives,” said Rasikh Ismail, Partner at PH Solutions and Board Member of Impact Dashboard. The ID logo has been created by the renowned artist Mr. Anwar Maqsood whose ethos aligns with the values of ID.  The logo reflects the company’s mission to contribute to the resolution of societal issues by re-humanizing impact-driven stories and their narration.

“With the experience that we have in the world of PR and digital amplification, this company was inevitable. ID serves as a structured giveback system. It is more than just CSR; it gives our entire infrastructure a path to contribute to impact development,” said Pheby Haroon, Partner at PH Solutions and Board Member of Impact Dashboard. ID aims to engage members of communities ignored in dominant discourse including but not limited to differently-abled people, religious minorities, and members of diverse ethnic origins in the narratives that it produces.  This inclusive approach is also observable within Impact Dashboard’s diverse advisory board.

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“Narrative building for impact creation is still a nascent field. Creating Impact Dashboard is a step forward in this direction. We hope that through a narrative structured to convey the challenges and address issues related to sustainability, we will be able to build the right kind of collaborations for tangible acti on to resolve these issues,” said Shaista Ayesha, CEO of Seed Ventures and Board Member of Impact Dashboard. Impact Dashboard will bridge the gap between the facts of advocacy efforts and the public’s desire for deeper connections to positive social and environmental initiatives in their communities. By integrating the UN Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) benchmarks, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their values, into Pakistan’s CSR narratives, Impact Dashboard will bring greater depth and meaning to advocacy.  Impact Dashboard’s specialization in crafting compelling stories will help organizations, brands, and individuals build and enhance their reputation, image, and overall impact.

“The skill of storytelling is essential in today’s world to truly make a difference in people’s lives. Impact Dashboard brings these skill sets to the forefront by weaving impactful narratives,” said Faraz Khan who holds an MBE and is a Board Member of Impact Dashboard. “Institutional and systemic changes and their impact on communities and individuals require a bridge, and Impact Dashboard aims to fulfill that gap.”






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