People all over the nation are being held accountable in all aspects, especially their high financial standing. Prominent figures including politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen, and all legendary personalities are required to give a thorough insight on their financial status.

Zia Mohyeddin, renowned television broadcaster, actor and director, has been inquired by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) about his monetary values. Credible sources reveal that FBR has asked Mohyeddin, who is nothing short of a living legend, all sorts of details about how much he has earned, where he earned from, where and what his expenditures entail, and how much he has saved up. He has been also been issued a notice where he is required to submit his tax returns and account details to the FBR.

Moreover, famed composer Arshad Mehmood has also been urged by FBR to present his income and expenditure details. Confirming the matter, the singer has spoken out over how he and Mohyeddin both have been issued FBR notices. “I have been regularly paying my tax dues, and I have also instructed my lawyer to present my tax details to the FBR,” he said.

According to Mehmood, it seems everyone’s under the impression that only politicians are being held accountable, while that is not the case. “When legends like Zia Mohyeddin are being issued notices for accountability, then everyone has to do the same. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that,” he said.

However, Mohyeddin and his rep are yet to comment on the matter.


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