Nauman, Atiqa talk about impact of their friendship on work


Nauman Ijaz and Atiqa Odho talked about the importance of friendship and how it reflects positively in work of actors on the screen.

In an interview together with Fuchsia Magazine, Nauman and Atiqa shared how their friendship makes their work apart from others.

“We’ve had such a long friendship, you can take a few liberties. You become free of the worries. Then you start having fun with your craft and your work. Nauman and I can do a lot of things on screen together that we may not naturally do with other people,” Atiqa said.

“We have always felt good working with each other. Atiqa is great friend whom I can rely on while working,” Nauman added.

Meanwhile, Atiqa accepted the fact that she worked very less with Nauman for reasons even unknown to her.

“The funny thing is, we have a great friendship, but we haven’t worked together a lot. At first we did dramas like Dasht and Nijaat, and then there was a very long break. After that we did Khan together and now we’re doing Ishq Junoon, and considering how popular we are on screen, I don’t know why we haven’t been cast together more. It’s strange,” she quipped.


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