Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has directed Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan to take all necessary measures to block blasphemous contents on social media and those responsible should meet their nemesis promptly.

He said steps should be taken to completely eradicate the condemnable blasphemous contents on social media. The Prime Minister has sought daily report on the issue.

He directed that international organizations relating to social media should be approached for blockade of blasphemous contents and Foreign Office should play its role in this

PM said the issue is before the court and all steps should be taken in line with the guidance of the court.

In another incident, MNA Muhammad Safdar has demanded an outright ban of social media during his speech in National Assembly. Safdar, who is also the son in law of PM, has also questioned Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) why it failed to impose ban on social media.

Let us know if you think alike Mr. Safdar and want an outright ban on social media to combat blasphemous contents or believe that menace can be tackled targeting the specific accounts involved in such activities.


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