PCB withdraws termination letters issued to 55 employees


The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has taken back its decision to terminate 55 employees as a downsizing measure amid COVID-19 tensions.

According to the details, the cricket body faced backlash after they issued termination notices to more than two dozen employees, mostly at the lower level, citing extra staff causing financial burden.

In two days’ time, PCB fired 55 employees including helpers, office boys, sweepers, and people from the administration department with a notice of a month. The decision took hype among the fraternity and media along with some PCB’s former employees and cricketers urged the cricket board to look into this matter.

PCB has now reversed the decision with CEO Wasim Khan indicating possible downsizing later on when the situation gets better after COVID-19.

“The vast overstaffing that the current Board has inherited remains a long-term sustainability issue for the PCB. Making changes is about timing and, on reflection, the process and communication needed to be better,” he said.

“As a responsible organisation, we have reviewed our decision and acted quickly to withdraw the notices,” he added.

It must be noted here that the PCB presently has an overall strength of 710 people across the country, including 361 and 70 in Lahore and Karachi offices, respectively.


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