So the latest episode of Romeo Weds Heer reveals that Romeo’s parents are worried as he is not acting himself and doesn’t talk to them anymore.

Heer’s family welcomes Romeo with so much warmth that Romeo gets puzzled about their behavior. Heer’s brother Aflatoon likes Romeo’s car very much and takes the car keys without informing anyone but his father thinks that the car has been stolen and files a police report.

Romeo takes Nazar with him to get back his car from police station, where Policemen think that Nazar is part of the gang who stole the car. Romeo rescued all of them and took them back home.

Romeo’s parents showed their dislike towards Heer. Romeo in order to pressurize them marks suicides news from newspapers and shows to his parents. His parents in response mark news of divorce and consequences of getting married without parents’ consent to him. Romeo had to disclose his parents’ disapproval to Heer but up to his surprise Heer showed him excitement at this news.

The element of humor is perfectly laced with twists and turns in every episode of the drama. The hilarious acting of Nazar and Aflatoon simply made us roll on floor; this comic duo is just exceptional. Heer’s bubbly nature cannot be overlooked as well. We will need to wait for the next episode to find out how Heer will tackle this situation.

Romeo Weds Heer is a light-hearted rom-com of 7th Sky Entertainment, directed by Anjum Shehzad that airs every Sunday at 8:00 PM on GEO TV, starring famous Khaani duo, Feroz Khan and Sana Javed as Romeo and Heer. The story is written by the maestro Dr. Younus Butt.

By Hina Ghaffar


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