With Mahira Khan’s recent appearance on Jeeto Pakistan, which just happens to be Fahad Mustafa’s game show, people absolutely loved the chemistry they shared. The entire episode was full of laughter, giggles, and overall enjoyable time for both, as well as the ones watching them.

Soon after the episode ended, many took to social media to appreciate the pairing we’d all love to see on our screens. Journalist Fifi Haroon couldn’t apparently contain her excitement, and even tagged filmmakers Nabeel Qureshi and Nadeem Baig in her tweet, urging them to cast the two together in a film!

Following suit, journalist Aamna Isani also tweeted how she would love to start a petition for someone to cast the duo in a film.

Moving on, Khan herself sent love to Haroon in a tweet while adding an Insha Allah, further giving everyone hope.

Adding a little fun to the situation, Mustafa himself asked the lady in question if she’d be up for it!


And much to everyone’s delight, Khan responded positively!

Vasay Chaudhry also chimed in, asking if he should start working towards it, and Mustafa gave him the green signal.


With that said, we really hope the two appear on-screen together soon enough, as we can’t wait to see what magic they create!


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