‘Sex crimes are fought by society not laws’ PM Imran Khan


Prime Minister Imran Khan believes that only as a society, Pakistan can beat rising sexual crimes in the country.

Speaking to the media, PM Khan addressed the matter of Pakistani youth being away from the teachings of Prophet Mohammad SAW, leading to sexual and other heinous crimes in the country.

“Sex crimes are fought by society not laws. There was a rape case that I was following personally. When I inquired about an update, I was informed that there’s a certain shame attached to it. The IG told me that the victim has decided to not file a case against the rapist, she was ashamed about it. What should the government do then?” he said.

The premier said there is a need to educate the youth on good and bad paths. “Films made in India have [changed] as well. Did anyone talk about the effect these films have? Until we tell our youth that these are two ways to lead a life, the choice is yours. But we have to tell them the two ways first and the consequences of choosing each,” he concluded.

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