Yesterday’s Father’s Day brought us a lot of content from celebrities, from pictures with their respective dads to long endearing captions expressing their loving feelings. But one post that stood out to us the most was Bilal Maqsood’s where he shared an endearing video of his father Anwar Maqsood featuring a cute exchange over the playwright keeping old phones for personal use.

In the video clip shared on Bilal’s Instagram, we see his father sitting and painting and sharing how he’s been at it since 5 am. Bilal then pointed the camera to his father’s phone, a basic keypad Nokia in yellow colour, and asked him when he’d be changing his phone. His father then responded how he’ll be getting the same phone again and also went on to share another one. He proudly showcased his “upgrade,” a sleek flip phone acquired from the US. Dialing a number to demonstrate its functionality, Anwar’s joy was palpable when he discovered that the phone displayed the time.

Moving on, in a lighthearted twist, Bilal gently enlightened his father about the time-display feature present in all cell phones, leading to a heartwarming mixture of surprise and amusement.

Check out the video on his Instagram, which Bilal captioned “Abbu and technology. HFD!”

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What did you think of this cute exchange? Share with us in the comments.


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