‘The Citizens Archive of Pakistan’ fires 13 employees amid lockdown


The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP), has fired 13 employes without prior notice amid the current lockdown situation in the country.

Raza Gillani, one of the victims of downsizing, took to Twitter to reveal that the NGO fired people citing financial restrictions.

“Two days ago, I was fired from the Citizens Archive along with 12 other employees. We were told that the organization won’t pay us until the Coronavirus in Pakistan situation dies down and that we’ll be ‘welcome to apply again’ after that. This is a violation of our rights,” he wrote. 

Raza, in a series of Tweets, further highlighted that their contract with the company gives them the right to ask for a written termination letter and a month’s notice and salary.

“Our contracts give us the right to have a written termination letter and a month’s notice and salary. But we were fired with immediate effect. And this organization is being run by someone who grabs Oscars for making films about the most vulnerable people of our social order,” he added.

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The former employee bashed the NGO and its patron-in-chief Sharmeen Obaid Chinnoy, an Oscar award winner for short films on social issues, for discarding lower level workers who have to feed their family in this tough time. “Among those who were fired are people who’re given 20k for 9-hour shifts and have families to feed. Who live payday to payday,” he maintained.

In addition, Raza also mentioned that the Human Resource (HR) department of the company contacted him immediately after he tweeted to sort out the situation.

On the other hand, CAP rejected all allegations and claimed that 13 employees were sent termination letters via email including details of immediate payment of March salaries, followed up with phone calls informing them that more details were to follow.

“The tweets which allege Employees at CAP were terminated without a termination letter are not true,” CAP released a statement.

It further added that CAP is a non for profit organization, it runs on grants and is dependents on donors. The Board of Governors work voluntary for the organization to help raise funds.

“Salaries to all employees for the last several months were dispersed on time, regardless of the inflow to make sure employees lives would not be disrupted. The National History Museum is closed because of Covid-19 and CAP works on Cultural and Historical Preservation which in this global emergency, is not a donor list priority,” the statement read.

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