Ahmad Shahzad’s astounding fitness transformation


Like any other sport, cricket also demands high fitness standards. When discussing Pakistani cricketers, very few of them are fitness conscious and right-handed batsman Ahmad Shahzad is one of them.

By the time Shahzad has become one of those cricketers who have gone through some major physical transformations to keep themselves relevant in this vastly challenging world of sports.

Shahzad knows the importance of fitness and has cultivated a routine that showcases his dedication to staying in shape. Ever since he first joined, we have seen an improvement in his physical fitness in the span of months.

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Prior to his current fitness journey, he gained a few extra kilos and seemed a little out of shape, but he set major goals to once again gain standard fitness. Post the fitness routine, the batsman has become a lot more muscular having gotten rid of the fat and developing lean muscle mass on his body while dropping considerable levels of weight in terms of body fat percentage.

During this whole journey, Shahzad remained in touch with his fans by posting videos, images, and snippets from his workout sessions on his social media platforms.

As far as the workout is concerned, he mixed it up well. It was both weight training and cardiovascular exercises that he relied upon. The only Pakistani to hit 3 consecutive sixes in T20, Shahzad; from time to time, shared videos of some of his compound lifting that helped him gain muscle. He also worked on his endurance with cardio.

Shahzad’s transformation did not happen overnight but was a constant effort from the cricketer for years with his diet and workout to improve his stamina and performance on the cricket field.

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