City in Context successfully concluded with symposium titled ‘Conversation’ at the Alhamra Arts Council in Lahore. The fourth and last day of City in Context was a mixture of discussions and interactive sessions bringing together people from diverse fields of study.

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The curatorial premise of the biennale aimed towards rethinking and reinventing existing biennale formats, dispelling the concept of “one grand exhibition”, and exploring fully the artist/public and gallery/public space dichotomies. With critical discourse and debate at its core, Conversation endeavors to function not as a prelude or postscript to the event; rather, a coexisting mechanism that would initiate systems of experimental debate. The symposium presented the first public discussion session in Pakistan with the aim to contribute to the larger discourse surrounding the curatorial premise. The introductory seminar was designed as a think tank session, with the audience as participants in conversations with professionals from diverse backgrounds.


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