‘Qandeel used to come in my dreams to ask for justice’ Saba


Saba Qamar shared that late Qandeel Baloch used to come in her dreams after she played her character in a Tv serial ‘Baaghi’.

In a chit chat with BBC Urdu, Saba revealed that she went in depression after working in Baaghi and didn’t take any new project for a year.

“I played Qandeel’s character with all my heart, I worked so hard for it that it consumed me completely. After it finished, I couldn’t work for a whole year. I was depressed, literally,” she shared.

“I haven’t revealed this before publicly but trust me, I used to see Qandeel in my dreams. She would come and ask me to get her justice. She would say ‘Mujhe insaaf dilao, ab karrahi ho yeh role toh ab tum hee dilao insaaf’ (Get me justice, now that you’re essaying my life, you have to get me justice) and I would wake up,” she maintained.

Saba, who likes doing conventional roles, said she tried her best to portray Qandeel in a positive light.

“When I was rehearsing and all of this started happening to me, I started taking the project as my responsibility to portray Qandeel in the right light,” she concluded.

It must be noted here that Qandeel became a victim of honor killing by her own brother in 2016.

Last month, Qandeel’s brother, who was sentenced to lifetime prison for honor killing, was acquitted by the court.


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