Singer Jawad Ahmad recently shared his thoughts about the music industry of today and talent occupying it in in a podcast. In a nutshell, the Uchiyan Majajan singer felt that the singers in his league and the musicians from his time got majorly lucky as compared to the new generation of singers, which according to him, has more talent and are better at their profession than them.

“I think singers during my time including myself, Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, Hadiqa Kiani, Abrar Ul Haq, and others, we just got lucky. We got the right opportunities. We didn’t have immense singing talent, even though we sang without a tuner, we did a pretty decent job and made some good songs which got enough airplay on PTV to become hits,” he said.

The singer went on to name some new-age singers like Ali Sethi and Amanat Ali to reiterate his point and commend the new generation of musicians. “I feel like the singers of today, they are much better than we ever were in our time. From the likes of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to Javaid Bashir. If I am to mention some of the newer lads, Ali Sethi, Amanat Ali and Nabil Shaukat are some singers that are greatly talented and much better than me and my generation of artists,” he said.

Check out the clip below.


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Although Jawad Ahmad is known for speaking for the young talent of the country time and again, his new statement has been misconstrued into thinking how he believes his peers and well-known musicians of the industry are talentless. What do you think of his take? Share your thoughts with us.


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