With a lot of actors taking up roles that don’t fit the usual conventional bill, Muneeb Butt had something along the same lines when he decided to be a part of a new project with Saba Qamar. Taking to Instagram, the actor shared the first look of his role in this currently unnamed project, and stated how his character would be that of the first trans assistant commissioner.

“I am really excited to announce that i am playing a very unique character of first trans Assistant commissioner in my upcoming project. Something that breaks the stereotypes in our society,” he started off in the caption.

“I had been anxiously waiting to reveal the character that I will be playing soon. It has been the most challenging role I have ever had to play, where I had to truly get out of my comfort zone. Hope you enjoy the journey with me. Will be looking forward to your feedback,” he added, stating how demanding the role has been but it’s not everyday that one gets to do a project like such.

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Speaking to Dawn Images about more details of the show, the actor revealed how it will be aired on streaming platforms and each episode will focus on a different story exploring different social taboos. “It’s a six to seven-episode series, more like what you see on Netflix or Amazon for the OTT platforms. It’s a USAID series in which each episode will be based on a different story and [all of them] are excellent. It highlights all basic, social issues such as the stereotypes in our society, the way things are done and it breaks taboos,” he said.

“My character is of a guy who by birth is a hermaphrodite,” he added, explaining how the show explores his character in depth, from his struggles to his difficult journey to the fruits of his hard work and labour.

He also shared why this project is so special to him. “This has a beautiful message — we boycott such individuals from our society completely and they are left with a few options to work; becoming a sex worker, a dancer or begging at signals. So for them, it’s a message that if you study, work hard and don’t care about what people say then you too can achieve whatever you want,” he said.

More details about the show, including the cast and the release date are still under wraps. Keep watching this space for updates, and let us know how you feel about Muneeb’s new role.


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