‘I can still lose work if my dramas don’t get rating,’ Imran Ashraf


Imran Ashraf shared that he used to get little roles despite proving himself by playing lead roles in several dramas.

Speaking to BBC Urdu, Imran said people took it so long to recognize him as a hero but he never lost his hope throughout his journey from an ordinary actor to ruling the hearts of Pakistanis.

“It took so long to prove myself as a hero. Despite playing lead roles in several dramas, I wasn’t recognized as a hero which was a concern for me but I never lost hope and kept on playing little roles with a dream to become a hero someday,” he said.

Moreover, Imran explained different phases of an actor’s life. He highlighted that the one who deals with pressure situations patiently can become a good actor.

“There was Imran Ashraf who used to request people to get a second lead role after doing 10 scenes in a drama serial. Then there was Imran Ashraf who used to request for getting into drama’s title and there is also Imran Ashraf who rules the hearts but still, a lot of people do not recognize his work. In all these situations, you need to be patient and determined,” he pointed out.

“Still, I think if my dramas fail to get ratings, I will lose work. But, I have a firm belief in my self and I will keep on working hard,” he concluded.

It must be noted here that Imran rose to fame with his role ‘Bhola’, a mentally challenged person in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi at Hum Tv. Since then, he has worked in several drama serials in lead roles.

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