First HUM Style Awards were held on November 28, 2016 in Karachi. As always, there were some high and low points, which we noted for our audience. Find below;


  • Management: Organizers proved right to their claim that the show would be different. HUM Style Awards were surely one of the best managed shows I have been to. Red carpet was very well managed and stage management was better than recent shows I had been to. Overall, the awards had a feel good effect and didn’t linger on like other shows. It was a very well managed show. Job well done by HUM TV.

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  • Music: It was the best part of 1st Hum Style Awards, songs selections were excellent and icing on the cake was that almost all of them were Pakistani.

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  • Live performances: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Ali Zafar were excellent and there performances saved an almost sinking ship. I was about to doze-off when the host announced Rahat Ali Khan’s name.

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Unfortunately, there were more lows than highs.

  • National Anthem: 1st Hum Style Awards 2016 should have started off with National Anthem. Almost everyone was willingly saying the word Pakistan Zindabad but anthem was missing. Show Director Nida Butt should be knowing better why it was skipped.
  • Content: Content/script wasn’t impressive at all and required much improvement. HUM TV could have hired better writer for their inaugural Style Awards.
  • Hosts: With the exception of Adnan Malik, who had an aura and elegance to host such big shows, rest of the hosts were disappointing.
  • Dances: Dance weren’t that good either. Pakistani’s can’t dance that’s a sure shot till now, with the exception of Sohai Ali Abro.
  • Advertising: There was too much of it. I remember hearing the words “Presented by Q-Mobile, Powered by Nishat Linen and refreshed by Nestle Fruita Vitals” like a dozens of times. That was ridiculous.
  • Missing Persons: Some of the most stylish icons in the showbiz industry, the likes of Fawad Khan, Atif Aslam, Shan Shahid and Nabila were found missing. I wondered what kept them away from this show.
  • Bollywood/India: Although no Indian was present at the show but too much emphasize on Indians wasn’t very sweet to listen. Hosts were too ‘Indianized,’ which seemed the reason that Sanam Saeed left after hearing some weird questions.
  • International Dancers: They looked very odd, their faces didn’t synchronize with local faces and celebrities.

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