With its original plot that explores the world of morning shows and their enormous influence on the public, Geo TV’s newest drama, “Jannat Se Aagay,” has quickly captivated its audience’s interest. The drama immerses its viewers into its intriguing environment with cinematic imagery and intricate set designs that resemble morning show sets.

Director Haseeb Hassan did a remarkable job with the storyline’s execution. The audience is anxious to learn what will happen next because of the thorough attention to small details and how situations are brought to life.

It’s too early to assess the story as a whole, but it looks to be an interesting journey with lessons that represent the harsh reality of the media business as well as a mix of feelings like love, guilt, and power.

At the center of the drama is Jannat Ali Khan, portrayed by Kubra Khan, a charismatic host of a popular morning show named “Jannat e Jahan.” Jannat is willing to cross any boundaries to maintain her show’s high TRPs. She skillfully uses her charisma, empathy, and compelling presence to position herself as a “messiah” to her viewers.

The narrative sheds light on the culture of morning shows where hosts, dressed in designer ensembles, discuss any topic to boost ratings, often disregarding sensitivity and consequences.

One avid viewer of Jannat’s show is Tabassum Mughal, played by Ramsha Khan, a college student from a middle-class background. Tabassum’s infatuation with Jannat leads her to prioritize the show over her studies and even a family wedding. Talha Chahour shines as Farooq, Tabassum’s fiancĂ©, who stands by her side despite his own struggles. Their chemistry on screen is endearing, offering a glimpse into the struggles of everyday life for a common man.

The drama adopts a risky stance by exposing the media industry’s shadowy side. One particularly memorable scene shows Jannat interviewing a rape victim, and the victim’s emotional collapse is brought on by Jannat’s inappropriate questioning.

This tragedy serves as a reminder of the media’s unrelenting focus on ratings at the expense of compassion and morality. Jannat’s use of the circumstance to boost ratings emphasizes the unsettling reality of sensationalized media.

The drama’s OST, which features the haunting vocals of Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch, provides another level of involvement for the audience on top of its gripping plot. The plot, script, and acting of “Jannat Se Aagay” seem to work well together. Written by Umera Ahmed, the cast includes Kubra Khan, Ramsha Khan, Talha Chahour as Farooq, Gohar Rasheed as Noman, Sheheryar Zaidi, Hina Bayat, Faiza Gillani, Saboor Aly and others.


We anticipate how the story will develop as viewers, hoping it keeps up its momentum and has an impact that endures.


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