Yasir Nawaz, who once made headlines for his opinions on Alizeh Shah and her work ethic, has now ended up apologising for his earlier remarks. In a recent interview, Yasir was asked about his issues with Alizeh, to which he responded how he’d like to let go of the matter and subsequently apologised to the actress on-screen.

“Please, forget about it, it’s an old story now, I have already talked a lot about it. You should leave that topic. I don’t want to discuss that,” he started off.

“Alizeh, I want to apologise to you, I made a huge mistake, I should have not taken your name because I was not the maker of that drama, I could have kept quiet. May you stay happy, may you get a lot of good work, the Pakistani drama industry needs an actor like you. I also pray to work with you,” he added.

He also reiterated how he doesn’t stand behind naming and shaming anyone. “I have learnt with time that we should not fall prey to such questioning and propaganda. I am apologising to you in Hassan Choudary’s show, I should have kept quiet in the previous show, any sane man should not name and shame anyone,” he said.

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The two actors previously worked in a show called ‘Mera Dil Mera Dushman’ after which Yasir claimed he did not have a pleasant experience working with Alizeh. “Alizeh is of young age and has a lovely face which is suitable for her career so she can become a big successful actress in Pakistan. She should have taken her work seriously like some problems and issues of time which she knows best,” he shared in Ahsan Khan’s talk show.

Alizeh also retorted with a dignified response. “I think everyone is different. Everyone connects to a person differently. For instance, just like our families, we don’t get along with everyone. We might have a difference of opinion from our father or mother,” she said.

“Similarly, our drama sets are like a family. We don’t always get along. One should expect the same behaviour same as they behave towards them. If you will misbehave with me, I will not stay quiet. I will respond back,” she added.

Check out his recent interview below.


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