A recent interaction on a morning show involving Imran Abbas and Sanam Jung has once again sparked a meaningful discourse on body image, body shaming, and whether it is okay for friends to joke about such matters.

During the morning show, Imran joined the conversation remotely, and was asked by the host, Madeha Naqvi, to offer advice to Sanam. In a humorously lighthearted tone, Imran suggested, “When you return from America, shed 10 kg and then come back.”

Imran proceeded to praise his friend, highlighting her independent nature and commendable choices in projects and commercials, even in the face of numerous offers. However, this praise becomes contradictory when juxtaposed with his earlier fat-shaming comment.

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The actor further elaborated on Sanam’s work ethic, recounting instances when she sought his guidance on career opportunities. Nevertheless, when Abbas complained about her apparent disregard for his advice, she jokingly drew attention to his unwavering commitment to a disciplined diet and exercise routine.

This morning show exchange sheds light on the necessity of confronting body shaming, even among friends. While friends may engage in playful banter, it is vital to establish boundaries to safeguard everyone’s self-esteem. Body image issues can have a profound impact on mental well-being, underscoring the importance of creating a supportive and safe environment where friends uplift and celebrate each other, rather than perpetuating harmful stereotypes unintentionally.


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