Ali Zafar advocates for timely payment to artists, journalists


Ali Zafar took a stand for veteran actor Rashid Mehmood who revealed that he was paid paid PKR620 for reciting Marsiya at Pakistan Television (PTV).

Mehmood took to Twitter to share how he was dealt by PTV despite having bagged the Pride of Performance Award.

“What are the criterias of paying a pride of performance winner in this country and who spent 50 years of life in PTV,” he wrote.

The tweet took social media by storm and people from the entertainment industry took a stand for the senior actor.

Singer-cum-actor Ali wrote: “It has become a common norm for artists, actors, producers even journalists & various other employees to chase their pending salaries/payments for months as if they were asking a favor. This culture needs to end. There should be a law that binds for timely payments.”

Ali recalled how Mehmood used to face such behaviour from the national Tv earlier too.

“I remember the day I had visited PTV some years ago and was shocked to see such a senior & respected artist urging for his (very small) payment to be cleared. I had conveyed that I would not take mine until his was cleared with the hope that things would change sooner than later,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Shamoon Abbasi also questioned the payment criteria of PTV.

“Paying 620/-rs to Mr Rashid Mehmood by an institution like PTV. doesn’t make sense What are the criterias of paying a pride of performance winner in this country,” he wrote.


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