Romeo Weds Heer is completely engaging as we follow the special characters across the screen to see how the play unfolds. This episode is all about the agenda to cement Heer’s relationship with Jedi- whom she has no intention of even looking at, let alone marrying. On the other hand, Jedi Bhai as she calls him (chuckle!) is bewitched, captivated and enthralled with Heer. He has no intention of stepping out of the forced relationship.

Heer’s mother, brother, elder sister and brother in law go to Jedi’s house for a look over and decide that he is perfect for her. Wow! It just shows the old parameters through which marital relationships were established! But Heer is an educated woman and knows that she cannot adjust with Jedi whom she finds quite provincial.

She invites him to college where he gets into the hands of Romeo, who is always on the look out to settle scores with Heer. Later, the engagement takes place in a dramatic fashion with the original ring getting lost and the couple having to make do with Jedi’s mothers ring. The lost ring is later found by Heer’s brother who sells it for mobile. Heer’s elder sister is not happy in her hasty marriage to a strange man and urges her mother not to do the same for Heer, whereupon her husband gets upset and in a show of anger stomps away. Heer’s father finally placates him to return back by buying him a meal.

The storyline is a serious one with hidden meanings- the way the younger generation is being allowed education, especially girls but the traditional matchmaking scenario and requirements are still at a standstill. Heer is a powerful character and is played to perfection by Sana Javed… can’t wait to see how she gets the better of both Jedi and Romeo in the next episode!

By Sumera Shahid


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