A superduper episode of Romeo Weds Heer aired last night – filled with laughter punches to twist our ribs. The lively drama serial holds the quality to take us in a dream world, making us forget our troubles. This great serial by 7th Sky Entertainment has become a must watch program on TV. The story continues to fill some butterflies in our stomachs.

Heer seems to be really thankful to Romeo while Romeo seems indifferent so far. Heer gives him a thank you card which brings a big smile to Romeo’s lips and melts his heart. The violins of love start to play around him. He surely seems falling for her at last, giving us the moment we have been waiting for. He returns her slippers which she used to throw on him. Oh, how sweet! Astonished Heer unintentionally gets impressed by his sensitivity and soon they both feel a spark for each other. Finally we see them together as buddies, wandering around the university campus. They are so adorable together, aren’t they?

On the other side Romeo’s doctor parents continue their amusing quarrel on Romeo’s wedding proposals. Meanwhile Romeo tries to tell Shanzay that he isn’t ready for marriage. His prayers answer when Shanzay shares the same idea. Spectating them, Heer teases Romeo for having a beautiful fiancée. She irritates him a bit and persuades him to run away from her.


Romeo and Shanzay hardly find courage to tell Romeo’s parents about their problem. Unluckily, Dr. Shehnaz perceives the opposite of their will and gets rather excited. Failed at their first attempt, they reach for Dr. Raja and take him to Health Secretary’s office to talk to him. But instead of persuading Health secretary against the proposal, Dr. Raja gets fascinated by the rank upgrade offer by him. And so Romeo and Shanzay’s efforts go to waste. Poor Romeo!

Shanzay tells Romeo about what Dr. Raja did. Romeo reaches for Dr. Raja in his clinic and tries to talk again. Will they ever be successful in their mission? Heer wants to get rid of her fiancé as well. The sparking hearts need a burst of love within. Watch the next episode and find out how destiny twists their lives. Chao!

By Asbah Umais


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